Football Live Streaming Schedule for the next 7 days

On this page you will find the complete schedule for all upcoming games sorted by league.

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The above is a list of Live football streaming feeds. The links above become active when the games begin and will bring you to a free live feed to watch soccer online for free. Live football is broadcasted online every day and is proud to be the only one to feature all the leagues from the UK Premiership to the Euro2012 soccer championships.

Euro2012 Match Fixtures

Fri 8th June Warsaw Poland v Greece 19.00
Fri 8th June Wroclaw Russia v Czech Republic 21.45
Sat 9th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Denmark 19.00
Sat 9th June Lviv Germany v Portugal 21.45
Sun 10th June Gdansk Spain v Italy 19.00
Sun 10th June Poznan Rep of Ireland v Croatia 21.45
Mon 11th June Donetsk France v England 19.00
Mon 11th June Kiev Ukraine v Sweden 21.45
Tue 12th June Wroclaw Greece v Czech Republic 19.00
Tue 12th June Warsaw Poland v Russia 21.45
Wed 13th June Lviv Denmark v Portugal 19.00
Wed 13th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Germany 21.45
Thu 14th June Poznan Italy v Croatia 19.00
Thu 14th June Gdansk Spain v Rep of Ireland 21.45
Fri 15th June Kiev Sweden v England 19.00
Fri 15th June Donetsk Ukraine v France 21.45
Sat 16th June Wroclaw Czech Republic v Poland 21.45
Sat 16th June Warsaw Greece v Russia 21.45
Sun 17th June Kharkiv Portugal v Netherlands 21.45
Sun 17th June Lviv Denmark v Germany 21.45
Mon 18th June Gdansk Croatia v Spain 21.45
Mon 18th June Poznan Italy v Rep of Ireland 21.45
Tue 19th June Donetsk England v Ukraine 21.45
Tue 19th June Kiev Sweden v France 21.45

Euro 2012 Quarter Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures

Thu 21st June A – Warsaw 1st Group A v 2nd Group B 21.45
Fri 22nd June B – Gdansk 1st Group B v 2nd Group A 21.45
Sat 23rd June C – Donetsk 1st Group C v 2nd Group D 21.45
Sun 24th June D – Kiev 1st Group D v 2nd Group C 21.45
Euro 2012 Semi Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures

Euro 2012 Finals Fixtures
Wed 27th June Donetsk Winner A v Winner C 21.45
Thu 28th June Warsaw Winner B v Winner D 21.45